Lightweight BPMN Execution Engine

Octavian Vinteler
This paper presents a BPMN execution engine which provides both model annotation and execution perspectives. With this tool, users annotate a given BPMN model with data definitions that are later used for animating the process defined in the model. During the animation, the user can enter actual data via dynamically generated forms that are attached to user tasks and message events. Data can be then processed via scripts that are specified on script tasks. Moreover, the process data is used to determine automatically the flow of execution according to the conditions specified on inclusive/exclusive OR gateways. In addition, the tool also allows processing on a distributed environment, such that multiple users can take part in the execution of a process. In sum, the tool can be described as a lightweight, self-contained system, which does not require any type of installation or configuration effort from the user, in order to start the animation of BPMN models.
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Master - Software Engineering
Luciano Garcia Banuelos
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