Runtime Monitoring of Data-Aware business rules with Integer Linear Programming

Ubaier Ahmad Bhat
Runtime Compliance Monitoring is vital building block in the Business Process Management lifecycle, in timely detection of non-compliance as well as provision of responsive and proactive countermeasures. In particular, it is linked to operational decision support, which aims at extending the application of process mining techniques to on-line, running process instances, so that deviations can be detected and it is possible to recommend what to do next and predict what will happen in the future instance execution.

In this thesis, we focus on Runtime Compliance Monitoring of data-aware business rules. In particular, we use Integer Linear Programming (ILP) for early detection of violations that occur from interplay of two or more constraints. An operational support provider has been implemented as part of process mining framework ProM and the approach has been validated using synthetic and real life logs.
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Master - Software Engineering
Fabrizio Maggi
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