Web Application to Calculate Genetic Risk Scores Based on Imputed Data.

Kristjan Metsalu
The falling cost of genotyping has made feasible to include genetic information to national healthcare system. Estonia is one of the few countries that have great potential of converting this information into a everyday tool for clinicians, who then would be able to make more informed decisions related to their patient’s health. Estonian Genome Center, University of Tartu (EGCUT) is one of the institutions that is working on creating new risk prediction models based on genetic information. Researchers in EGCUT have created models to evaluate the risk for polygenic disorders. Current thesis focuses on development of a software that would enable fast application of these risk prediction models to collected genetic data and visualization of the results together with clinical data.
Graduation Thesis language
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Master - Software Engineering
Prof. Jaak Vilo, Reedik Mägi PhD and Tatjana Iljashenko MSc
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