Smart Home Hacking

Suela Kodra
Smart Home is an intelligent home equipped with devices and communications systems that enables the residents to connect and control their home appliances and systems. This technology has changed the way a consumer interacts with his home, enabling more control and convenience. Another advantage of this technology is the positive impact it has on savings on energy and other resources. However, despite the consumer's excitement about smart home, security and privacy have shown to be the strongest obstacles to the adaption with this technology.

This work investigates the security and privacy issues found at an emerging smart home technology such as the CoSSMic platform. The security of the communication between the smart home and the connected devices through HomeMatic smart plugs is assessed. CoSSMic platform is also investigated for common web vulnerabilities. Finally, recommendations and countermeasures are given to deploy the fixes on CoSSMic platform before the product release. Moreover, two attacks are performed in order to take the control of HomeMatic smart plug.
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Master - Computer Science
Danilo Gligoroski (NTNU), Marie Moe(SINTEF), Dominique Unruh(UT)
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