Androidi rakendus kohtumiste korraldamiseks

Juhan-Rasmus Risti
This bachelor’s thesis describes the creation of an Android application which is used to create and organise meetings in a fast and easy manner.
The resulting application gives a full overview of a user’s meetings, lets effortlessly create new meetings and to invite contacts to join. The main uniqueness of the application lies in the feature that the user has multiple options when choosing a location for a meeting. For example, it is possible to get automatic recommendations from the application based on the positions of the participants. In addition, the application enables users to track the positions of other participants in real-time, if the participants choose to share it.
The application is also compared against other similar and popular applications. It is found that the other applications do not offer similar location recommendation or participant position tracking features. On the other hand, the other applications have a wide user base and some functionalities the new application does not offer yet.
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Bakalaureus - Informaatika
Satish Narayana Srirama, Liyanage Don Mohan Devapriya Liyanage
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