Investigation of JTAG and ISP Techniques for Forensic Procedures

Stefanos Pappas
This thesis is focusing on JTAG and ISP physical acquisitions techniques. These techniques were created from manufactures to test PCBs and repair devices but they are being used as a forensic technique to acquire the data from a device. The aim is to give an overview of these techniques from a forensic point of view and in addition to some other tests will try to prove that are forensically equivalent to any other method. The first test will focus on showing the differences on the different types of acquisition by comparing the results of a forensic analysis of the same device using Cellebrite UFED Touch and Physical Analyzer. The second test will try to prove that all physical acquisitions are equivalent by comparing the acquired data from the same device with two different methods. Finally, the last test will focus on the examination of the content of an encrypted device to show if it is possible to find evidences.
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Master - Cyber Security
Pavel Laptev, Dr. Raimundas Matulevičius
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