Presenting Business Process Improvement Changes – A Systematic Literature Review

Tatevik Ishikyan
Business Process Improvement (BPI) has a big potential by helping to improve end-user satisfaction, to reduce costs and throughput times. A lot of business process improvement techniques exist, but they lack the information about the presentation of the effects of business process change. In order to fill this gap, this thesis provides an overview of the ways that are used to present the effects of business process change in real-life business process scenarios. For that purpose, a systematic literature review is performed to identify papers that apply BPI on real-life cases from industry to see what means are used to capture and present those changes. The identified final papers are analysed in order to answer to Research Questions (RQ). The analysis reveals that as in any other scientific field where change is occurring the change could be presented either visually, or in a numerical way, or in a not structured (narrative) way using some presentation strategies. This knowledge that gives some hints on how changes are conveyed can be used to support people to better understand the changes which occur in a process after a BPI.
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Master - Software Engineering
Marcello Sarini, Payman Fredrik Milani
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