On the Transformation of Petri Nets into BPMN Models

Vostan Azatyan
This thesis addresses the problem of translating a Petri net into an equivalent
BPMN process model. This is fundamental problem with implications on the
understanding of the semantics of the notation and that has potential applications in areas such process model discovery from event logs and structuring of process models. In previous work, it has been shown that the well-known family of free-choice Petri nets can be bidirectionally mapped into the subset of BPMN process models constructed solely with tasks and exclusive/parallel getaways. In contrast, this work searches at lifting the restriction to a larger family of Petri nets by proposing a translation that covers also the case of nets with symmetric confusion. The approach has been implemented in a prototype which has allowed us to conduct a preliminary performance study.
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Master - Software Engineering
Luciano Garcia-Banuelos
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