Performance Testing Bulletin Board Implementations for Online Voting

Marek Pagel
Online voting is an electronic voting method in which the process of casting a vote is done using the Internet as its communication medium. One component of some online voting systems is a public bulletin board (PBB), used to provide election transparency and correctness verifiability. PBB is a component for publishing data in a way that makes modifying or deleting already published data very difficult without leaving evidence of such actions. The security and liveness of this component has to be ensured. This means that implementing PBB is a machine replication problem at its core with some specific requirements inherited from the context of online voting. This work takes a look at two software solutions that can be used for such purpose and analyses their performance in testing environment imitating real election workload.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Sven Heiberg, Janno Siim
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