WebGLadiator Game Engine for Web Developers

Mohamad Qaddura
With the modern WebGL technology, the adoption of web games has increased drastically leaving a gap between the low number of available WebGL developers and high demand for them. Since WebGL resides in JavaScript ecosystem, developers are more likely to come to WebGL with web development background. In the JavaScript ecosystem, developers are accustomed to JavaScript for coding, HTML for structure, and CSS for layout and design. The present game engines built on top of WebGL do have a set features to develop games, however, they do not take JavaScript Ecosystem into consideration which makes it hard for developers with web development background to migrate to web games development.
WebGladiator is a game engine for web developers that facilitates the migration from web development to game development by providing the same approach used for web development. In order to keep the same approach, JSON, used as blueprint files, will be used instead of HTML to structure games, VFL will be used instead of CSS to layout them, and JavaScript remains the programming language to write the logic. In this project, we are going to use open source libraries that will inter-operate under one game engine following proper software design patterns and architecture to create a hybrid ECS that utilizes the ECS architecture to provide the same approach for web development.
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Master - Software Engineering
Margus Luik
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