Shuriken Way – An Android Puzzle Game

Anton Tšugunov
The thesis describes the development and testing of an Android video game called Shuriken Way, which was developed as a game that provides a unique player experience. The game was developed without the use of game engines.
The choice of different technologies is explained and some alternative routes the development could have taken are analyzed.
The thesis details the implemented game mechanics and the design of prominent game levels.
Finally, the testing stage of the work is described. The game was tested on multiple Android devices to discover compatibility issues. The game was then compared against other similar Android games found on the Google Play distribution platform to see how Shuriken Way compares to them in terms of performance.
Lastly, the game was playtested with new players to uncover any issues that players can face when playing the game. Based on the results of the tests, improvements were made or proposed for the future developement of the game.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Raimond-Hendrik Tunnel
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