Evaluation of Efficiency of Cybersecurity

Mikko Luomala
The purpose of the thesis is to research how effectively cybersecurity has succeeded on its mission. The thesis used multiple research methods to get best possible answer and the literature review has been systematic. However, the conclusion of the research was that the study is unable to either confirm or reject the main working hypothesis. The study is unable to do it because of the lack of proper theories to describe what are the phenomena in secu-rity and cybersecurity and the lack of proper metrics to give valid and sound conclusion about the effective of cybersecurity and how well have cybersecurity succeed on its mis-sion to effectively prevent and mitigate cybercrime. Therefore, the science of security and science of cybersecurity are underdeveloped in 2018. The research has made basic discov-eries of development of cybersecurity and security. A direction of further basic research is to establish a general theory of security which describes threat variables, threat variables intention, resources, competence and progress of the threat variables and axioms where measurement of threat variables can be made with reliability and the theory would describe which are effective measures to prevent and mitigate and which are not and finally, estab-lish proper metrics to measure efficiency of security and cybersecurity with reliability and validity.
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Master - Cyber Security
Professor Yannick Le Moullec, Adjunct Professor Jyri Paasonen and Doctoral Candidate Meelis Roos
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