The Employee-Based Information Security Risks on the Example of the Estonian Literary Museum

Maarja Soonberg
People are considered to be the weakest link when it comes to information security and therefore it is very important to have the sufficient skills and knowledge to ensure the security of information.
This Master’s thesis examines the employee-based risks on the example of the Estonian Literary Museum. Research methods were a survey, interviews and the documents of the institution. The theoretical basis for finding the information security risks were the IT Security Baseline System ISKE and a guide for compiling a risk analysis for the Critical Service Providers (CSP).
As a result of the analysis of employee-based information security risks, the risks were identified in the institution, and recommendations were given to the management with the ISKE measures to reduce the likelihood of the identified risks.
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Graduation Thesis type
Master - Conversion Master in IT
Kristjan Krips, Siiri Pärkson
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