Visualizing Business Process Deviance With Timeline Diagrams

Erdem Toraman
The thesis poses two main questions regarding to the notion of “deviance mining” and
proposes a new technique to visualise the differences of two event logs in terms of
temporal dynamics in order to perform deviance mining. The objective of deviance
mining is to pinpoint the origin of the problems and the deviance. Throughout the
research of the related work it’s observed that most of the existing methods focus on the
main structure of the process which is the order of the tasks being executed. The new
technique brings out the relative durations i.e temporal dynamics of the activities in the
normal and deviant traces by drawing a timeline diagram of the variants. Additionally the
proposed technique puts forward set of different settings such as the performance
measure and the granularity level of the process to customize the diagram. Lastly, a
proof-of-concept tool abiding by the proposed approach is implemented which is served
on the web.
Graduation Thesis language
Graduation Thesis type
Master - Software Engineering
Marlon Dumas
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