White Noise Environment in VR

Kristjan Kitse
This thesis focuses on learning why and in what situations hallucinations occur. The main aim was to create a virtual reality environment, where people could be put thru different kinds of scenarios that would not be possible in real life. I chose to create an environment that is fully made out of white noise materials because a noisy environment increases the possibility of brain playing tricks on us. In the main scenario test subjects are surrounded with different kinds of objects and are asked to filter out only those that resemble some type of chair. One of the main objectives when developing this environment was to find that thin line between seeing an object and not seeing it, so that test subjects would have dilemmas. Results showed that people experienced different kinds of small phenomena, that they usually found hard to explain. Most of the time the experiences that occurred were very temporal.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Madis Vasser, Jaan Aru
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