Relationship between Module Size, Alternative Cost and Bugs

Oluwatobi Samuel Omisakin
The aim of this thesis is to find out if Alternative Cost (AC) and size of modules lead to more bugs in a software project. Using the historical churn extracted from revisions data and bug reports data retrieved from four software projects namely, JQuery, Font-Awesome, ReactJS, and Atom, we calculate their AC. After which we use Kendall correlation to investigate the strength of association between AC and bugs, and module size (measured in Lines of Code) and bugs. We find a strong association between size of modules in all four software projects and bugs existing in them, while that of AC and bugs remain inconclusive. From our investigation, we conclude that when quality assurance activities are performed on a software project, modules with larger size should be given more attention. On the other hand, using our result, Alternative Cost is not relevant for bugs localization.
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Master - Software Engineering
Siim Karus
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