Computational Aesthetics and Identification of Working Style

Dmytro Tkachuk
Nowadays, an enormous amount of companies use Process-Aware Information Systems to manage, perform, monitor and analyze business processes based on process models. Moreover, as a part of the monitoring stage, these software systems generate event logs, which represent actual a-posteriori workflow and are analyzed by process mining techniques. In this work, as a part of process mining, we introduce the concept of working style as the tool for comprehensive analysis of the nature of work. Business processes and interdependencies between its constituents can be evaluated from the perspective of working style which is represented by measures and patterns. We define the novel event log representation approach, where the log file is treated as an image. Additionally, we propose measure computation and pattern identification algorithms based on image analysis technique in combination with computational aesthetics. As a result, the web-based prototype application for working style evaluation has been built.
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Master - Computer Science
Marcello Sarini, Marlon Dumas
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