Bourse de France Information System Planning

Jaan Õmblus
The purpose of present thesis is to plan the information system for Bourse de France. The information system needs to be suitable for bourse operations as well as be in conformance with respective laws and regulations. Bourse de France is business entity to be launched in France to be participant in takeover market of business entities, to sell and buy their respective shares. The takeover candidates are businesses not quoted on stock exchanges.

Information system is necessary for Bourse de France as a tool securing competitive advantage and as a mean to fulfil the regulatory requirements. There does not exist typical information system suitable for Bourse de France business and regulatory needs in order to be acquired for usage. As of mentioned the planning of proprietary information system is of necessity and there is no alternative to obtain the system in other means.

Business process scheme, functional and nonfunctional requirements as well as data model were planned in course of present work. The practical purpose of the thesis is to give French version of thesis material to French information technology company as basis for work.
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Master - Conversion Master in IT
Vambola Leping
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