Android Fog Gateway for Personalized Health Monitoring

Kristo Karp
This bachelor’s thesis details the design, implementation, and deployment of a fog computing based Over-The-Air programmable medical system which is intended to be used by doctors and caretakers to monitor the heart rate of their patients. The system consists of a web service, an Android application, and a Polar H7 heart rate sensor. It displays the current heart rate in the Android application and also has the ability to display the patient’s whole heart rate history using a Web service. With the customized algorithm built for each patient, the Android application analyzes the patient’s heart rate and notifies the doctor as well as the Web service when it detects an abnormal heart rate value. In case the patient’s condition changes, a new algorithm can be sent from the Web service to the application.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Chii Chang, Mohan Liyanage
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