Lab Materials for Course „Introduction to Speciality“

Merit Eller
Dropout rates in the IT field in Estonia are much higher than the average of European countries. First university year has a vital impact on university students’ decision to continue with studies. As a result of this thesis were created lab materials for 10 labs in the compulsory first semester course „Introduction to Speciality (LTAT.03.002)“ taught at the University of Tartu. No complete lab materials have been created for the subject before, therefore its creation is topical. The aim of the materials is to teach students basic knowledge of the IT field and to incourage in classroom communication. The thesis gives an overview of different questionnaires conducted amongst university students. The program and activities for the labs were chosen based on the analysis of the questionnaires’ results and the experience of teaching the course previous years. Created materials follow a certain defined structure to ensure the efficiency of the materials.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Mirjam Paales
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