Information Systems in Support of Clinical Trial Monitoring

Jane Jäger
The Master's thesis examines Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) satisfaction with the information systems used in clinical trials, and how well these systems comply with specific needs of CRAs. A brief overview of the clinical research is given by describing drug development stages, related parties, role of a CRA in clinical trials and monitoring activities. Also an overview is given of the information systems most commonly used in clinical trials. Types of information systems the CRAs use, frequency of the use and level of satisfaction with these information systems are identified by the means of a survey. Results of the survey are discussed in the context of the current situation and future trends of clinical trial information systems, and recommendations are given on what changes should be implemented in order the information systems would provide more support to CRAs.
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Graduation Thesis type
Master - Conversion Master in IT
Margus Jäger, Sulev Reisberg
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