Data Migration Testing

Sirje Lind
In the era of information system upgrades, information system developers are increasingly confronted with the need to upgrade (migrate) the old information system data into the database of the new information system. Master's thesis explains migration testing and finds ways to simplify (automate) test design and testing. Based on the need for automation testing, the migration test is considered as a set of queries where every element include one self-validating test (query) and at least one auxiliary query that returns invalid entries. With this approach, one can instantly view the status of migratory data when one runs the tests, and no need to write new SQL statements to get a detailed view of the incorrect data (records). Thus, the analysis of errors becomes more efficient as the need for new additional queries is reduced.
The prerequisite for automation of test preparation is the division of tests into test types based on similarity of tests. In this work, 16 test types were defined, and a template for the test query and auxiliary query templates (pattern queries) were prepared for each type of test and the need for test metadata was explained. The descriptions of the types of tests in the Appendix are an example of migration testing. A test generator can also be developed based on test descriptions.
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Master - Conversion Master in IT
Anne Villems
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