Rule Mining with RuM

Denizalp Kapisiz
Process Mining is a data science practice in Business Process Management (BPM). It is based on the analysis of process execution logs. Nowadays, ProM and Disco are two mainstream desktop applications for process mining. Disco can be used for procedural process discovery with intuitive user experience. However, it does not support declarative models. ProM gives support for a wealth of techniques for declarative process mining. However, its user interface is not so intuitive as the one of Disco. In the light of this, this Master’s Thesis is focused on proposing RuM, an application for declarative process analysis with an intuitive user experience.
The application presents an environment for a set of process discovery, conformance checking and log generation methods based on declarative models. The methods can be configured with various options and the results can be post-processed to simplify and store them in the file system. The tool has been evaluated through a usability test involving 5 experts on declarative process analysis.
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Master - Software Engineering
Fabrizio Maria Maggi
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