Conceptualization of a Blockchain Based Voting Ecosystem in Estonia

Rahul Puniani
Democracy is an age-old concept coined by the ancient Greeks meaning, ‘Rule by People’. World has come far from that, from empires, to kingdoms to finally democracy as we know it. In current democracies, the exercise conducted to be ‘Ruled by People’ is based up on periodic elections and those elections are conducted via voting, direct or indirect. The ways of voting have been consistent up until the 20th Century with the use of ballot papers and physical counting. The age of technology and engineering since, have brought about changes to the status quo, with introduction of Electronic Voting Machines such as, in India and Electronic Voting via Internet such as, in Estonia which are practiced in every election. But in all of this, something still remains unresolved. When candidates or in turn a government is elected, they are meagre obliged to perform their duties correctly, with little or no accountability and oversight. Even after elections, a government might be unpopular among its citizens, but the citizens don’t have means to change anything, before the next elections. This thesis helps to fill this gap with use of newly introduced technology of Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers, and also with the help of newly conceptualized innovative concepts.
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Master - Innovation and Technology Management
Fredrik Milani and Mihkel Solvak
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