Improving Application Lifecycle Management at Swedbank: A Case Study

Margarit Shmavonyan
This paper gives an overall understanding of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). ALM is an iterative cycle which is used for managing applications. The concept, importance of ALM as well as the description of the three aspects of ALM solution are introduced and described in detail. The research work conducts a case study where ALM is examined from the Swedbank viewpoint which has expertise in managing applications. The study aims to reveal the issues and risks Swedbank is facing during the ALM process and find solutions for improving their ALM. The study revealed a need for integrating a new method which will allow to manage the information about Swedbank applications. As a result, a new approach was suggested and a detailed description of the flow was presented.
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Master - Software Engineering
Fredrik Payman Milani, Margus Melsas
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