Integrating User Identity with Ethereum Smart Contract Wallet

Aleksandr Tsõganov
The first major application of the blockchain technology was made for cryptocurrencies and by now it is used in numerous industries, including in energy, agriculture, manufacturing, etc. The original idea of transferring assets from one account to another has to be updated for those industries. Non-financial industries have a different definition of an asset and a differ-ing attitude towards the anonymity of the users, i.e. it is necessary for the users and their wallets to become more public.
Namely, the main problem is related to the users' anonymity and uncontrolled asset transfers in decentralized applications. In this thesis, the user’s identity is connected with his block-chain wallet to allow asset transfers to take place only with added identity-based signatures of the approver and the user himself. The implementation of the thesis includes the analysis of the Ethereum blockchain principles, different wallet protection solutions and state-level identity services. The thesis proposes a specification of an identity-based wallet integration with Dapp. The solution specification is validated using Dapp and a smart-contract prototype.
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Master - Software Engineering
Orlenys López Pintado, Aivo Kalu, Kristjan Kuhi
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