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Improving Project Management Portfolio at Veebipoed: A Case Study
Name Konstantin Merkulov
Abstract Portfolio management helps to ensure a balance that enables enterprises to succeed with all of the planned projects. The company under study in this thesis has increasingly more projects each year, and therefore requires new innovative solutions for better project management. The company manager is willing to adopt better solutions to increase revenue and keep the company in business at difficult times. Currently the company experiences high workload pressure that manifests itself in projects not meeting deadlines and project costs growing out of boundaries. To cope with these problems, new approaches to everyday operation should be introduced in the company. For identifying and solving the root problems experienced by the company, the author interviewed employers and several current and former employees of the company. Based on the interview results, possible ways are proposed in this thesis for improving the project management and work culture in the company, which include restructuring the organization’s job roles and explicit modelling of the goals of the company. The author believes that the company under study will benefit from the recommendations given in the thesis.
Graduation Thesis language English
Graduation Thesis type Master - Software Engineering
Supervisor(s) Kuldar Taveter
Defence year 2020