UT Institute of Computer Science Graduation Theses Registry

Design and Evaluation of a User Interface to Increase Trust in Autonomous Vehicles
Name Timo Soiunen
Abstract Humans have been sceptical of automation throughout history and with the prospect of autonomous vehicles taking over the transportation sector, we are going to need a user interface that can communicate with the passenger in a way that increases trust in self-driving cars. Research has shown that trust is an important factor in the use of autonomous technology and that it is affected by transparency, anthropomorphism, culture and brand name. This thesis aims to develop and evaluate a user interface that could be used in driverless cars which offer ride-hailing services. Based on the research on trust, autonomous vehicles, user interface design and user experience, a web application was developed to use in a case study involving five participants. The case study consisted of multiple tasks with the interface, an interview and a questionnaire about the usability. Analysis of the responses demonstrated that the developed user interface was relatively easy to use and understandable. The results indicate that the overall experience can be improved and suggestions were made to enhance future versions of the interface.
Graduation Thesis language English
Graduation Thesis type Master - Software Engineering
Supervisor(s) Alexander Nolte
Defence year 2020