An Analysis of the Impact of the Process Improvement at LHV Bank

Veronika Vlasova
The financial institutions nowadays have big development departments and are
trying to adjust all the processes towards the use of agile software development. Before they mostly relied on the waterfall methods of development because it was more reliable and brought overall more value. But the demand outgoing from the rapidly changing world made companies consider Agile software methods as well. Companies usually spend additional resources on the changes and software process improvement to become more Agile, therefore the ways to evaluate change results are relevant for them. In this thesis, the case study on the LHV bank which applied 8 proposals of Agile Software Process Improvement was done. The proposals introduction of the agile management culture in the whole company, organization of the relevant training, assigning the concrete development team for the bank products, setting the common objective to the autonomous teams, and review of the agile development methods, delivery, and moving system architecture from the legacy system to the microservices. In light of its context, this thesis addresses the research questions of how the proposals were implemented, what was the impact of the implemented changes on the
company, and what can be done to further improve the impact? In order to answer the research questions, the interviews with the employees of the company took place and the qualitative data were analyzed. The analysis was done to allow us to understand how the proposals were applied and which further improvements can be done in the future in LHV Bank.
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Master - Innovation and Technology Management
Fredrik Milani, PhD; Ezequiel Scott, PhD
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