Tartu Smart Bike Share Access Cards Authentication Analysis

Peeter Vahe
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to study the cards used for unlocking the bikes in the Tartu Smart Bike Share system and how functional duplicates can be made of the aforementioned cards. The cards examined are the following: a separate ISIC card that is not bundled with a bank card, Tallinn’s Public Transportation Card and Tartu’s bus card. All the above-mentioned cards are MIFARE cards that use RFID technology. During the course of the work, it will be studied whether and how the aforementioned cards can be cloned into the so-called “Chinese Magic Cards” so that they can be used to open the bikes in the Tartu Smart Bike Share system using the Proxmark 3 RFID analysis tool. The data in the cards and their unique features will be explored and explained. Finally, the study will show how the cloning process works and how the cards are authenticated. Suggestions for improving the authentication process is also provided.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Danielle Melissa Morgan
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