Noticing and Supporting Gifted Students in Informatics

Kristina Lillo
The goal of this Bachelor’s Thesis is to ascertain Tartu County’s compulsory school teachers’ perception of students who are gifted when it comes to informatics, the methods used for being their advocates, the students’ academic opportunities and the teachers’ necessities for supporting said students. Four interviews with Tartu County’s compulsory school teachers were conducted in the realm of this study. Reflecting on their own experiences the teachers identified the characteristics of gifted IT students, the most efficient tutoring methods for supporting them and the pupils’ best academic opportunities in Estonia. The interviews revealed that gifted students mostly stand out by having a personal fascination with the subject and unique solutions to IT related problems. Although attending to these students primarily comes out of the teachers’ personal time. According to the interviewees there are enough academic opportunities in informatics for Estonian students. They have although felt that there is a lack of thorough study materials and courses geared towards gifted students.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Reelika Suviste
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