Modular Static Program Analysis

Karl Marten Mägi
Static program analysis is a method for studying a program's behaviour and characteristics. Modular analysis means analysing program parts separately and then combining the received results. It saves time when analysing lengthy programs because one can reuse respective analysis results.
This thesis focuses on giving an Estonian overview of modular analysis, documenting its implementation in program analysis framework Põder and improving the framework Põder. First, various issues with loading saved results were fixed. To improve confidence in loaded results, a verification process was added to the beginning of an analysis. Additionally, version support was added to Põder, so it would be safer to load results from online sources where versions may differ. As a result Põder is more comfortable to use and loading results is reliable.
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Graduation Thesis type
Bachelor - Computer Science
Vesal Vojdani, Kalmer Apinis
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