Exercises for Levels of Cognitive Domain in the High School Course „Programming“

Ruth Schihalejev
There are various courses and materials for teaching programming in Estonian, but there is a lack of variability of exercises in some cognitive domains. Based on previous research about task categorization and existing materials, the exercise types for the Matrix taxonomy were aggregated in this Master’s thesis. For each exercise type, an exemplary exercise was added, which can be used in the high school course “Programming”. Based on produced material, a test was composed and it was piloted in an Estonian high school. The results of this research confirm the results of the previous studies, the difficulty of the exercise types depends on a concrete group. But different types are still necessary for students to demonstrate their strengths and weaknesses so teachers can guide them better. In addition, a survey was carried out to find out where do programming teachers get their inspiration for tests and what kind of exercise types they are using for novice programmers. Several respondents stated that they use provided materials and test examples which confirms the need to increase the variability of exercises from the cognitive domains for sample materials as well.
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Master - Teacher of Mathematics and Informatics
Tauno Palts
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