A Blockchain Solution for Auditing of Timber-to-Charcoal Process

Muhammad Zubair
Blockchain technology is emerging not only in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum but also expanding in other business fields. Due to its diverse nature of architecture, it can easily integrate with such environments, e.g., permissioned or permissionless, state-full or stateless. This article mainly focuses on permissioned blockchain, the hyperledger fabric, how to implement it, and how to use it to automate the audit to the timber-to-charcoal business process.
In order to accomplish this study, a design science approach is selected. In this thesis, a timber-to-charcoal case study is analyzed, designed the software architecture, developed the solution using hyperledger fabric, tested and evaluated it with defined evaluation criteria. The technology stack to develop the smart contract and web services to invoke the chaincode and access the ledger is NodeJs.
The final evaluation shows that hyperledger fabric is a secure, fast, and decentralized immutable ledger. In conclusion, it is a suitable approach and benefits the audit to timber-to-charcoal business process.
Graduation Thesis language
Graduation Thesis type
Master - Software Engineering
Mubashar Iqbal, Fredrik Payman Milani
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