Creating Instructions for Compiling and Grading Tests for the Course “Computer Programming” at the University of Tartu

Triinu Aug
This study aims to create instructions for compiling and grading tests for the “Computer Programming” course at the University of Tartu. So the preparation of different variants of the two tests that serve the purpose of the summary assessment is unambiguous and convenient for the lecturers. Also, the equality of severity of the different variants and the uniform evaluation of the solutions is ensured. For this purpose, the results, tests themselves, and feedback on the tests carried out during the autumn semester of course 2021/2022 were analysed. Based on the analysis results, it was fixed, which must be paid attention to when preparing the tests. Leading lecturers and practice supervisors provided feedback on the instructions. Considering the feedback received, universal and detailed instructions were prepared, which can be well-applied in the course's work.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Tauno Palts
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