Creation of the Operating Systems Lecture Study Materials for the Course LTAT.00.020 "Digital Techonology – an Overview"

Agnes Peetrik
There are many branches of computer science related to other disciplines. Introducing the digital world and its opportunities to students who are not learning computer science can make them interested in connecting their future to Information Technology (IT) in some way – as an active user or as a customer. The new course of the University of Tartu, LTAT.00.020 “Digital Technology - an Overview“ deals with introducing the basics of the digital world. As part of the bachelor's thesis, the author created a lecture on operating systems for the aforementioned course. In addition to creating specific study materials and offering suggestions for their future improvement, the organization of the newly created course is described in the thesis, a justification for its necessity is given, and an analysis of existing courses is made.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Jaak Vilo
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