Development of Object-oriented Programming Instructional Materials for the University of Tartu Course "Programming"

Georg Demidov
There is a need to create instructional materials on object-oriented programming for the course "Programming" at the University of Tartu, as the course does not cover object-oriented programming. For this purpose, it is necessary to create two-week-long practical and homework exercises along with textbook chapters introducing the new topic. It is vital to introduce the topic of object-oriented programming, because it will help students to understand how a larger task can be decomposed into smaller sub-tasks. In addition, first-year computer science students have a course on "Object-Oriented Programming" in the spring semester. By means of new study materials, students will get an introduction to the course
and a preliminary overview of the basics of object-oriented programming.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Helle Hein, Tauno Palts
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