A Intracurricular Solution Based on Automated Tests for Grading Android Applications

Sander Roosalu
The aim of this Bachelor's thesis was to develop an automated grading system for Android applications in University of Tartu’s mobile app development course. The user could submit his or her Android homework for grading and receive near-instant feedback about the homework. The system was developed as a web application using Python and Flask. The homework grading process was carried out by scripts on an emulated Android device.
The thesis also gives an overview about how application development and testing on the Android platform could be conducted and how other automated grading systems have been used in University of Tartu and other universities. The developed system is able to fulfil its intended goal of delivering near-instant feedback. For the system to be used at a scale within the course, several changes and updates must be made to the system beforehand, for example redesigning hardcoded lines of code and improving user interaction.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Jakob Mass
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