Self-assessment Tests for the Course ,,Object-oriented Programming” at the University of Tartu

Maiken Veedla
The ,,Object-oriented programming” course is one of the largest courses at the University of Tartu. All the students have very different backgrounds, therefore many students rely on additional supporting materials. The purpose of this thesis is to create self-assessment tests, which could help understand new information and later revise it. A total of twelve Moodle tests based on lecture materials and 31 H5P short questionnaires based on homework materials were created. Moodle tests consisted of 8-10 questions, H5P tests had 2-5 questions. Feedback was gathered from the participants about the usage and usefulness of created tests. Students found that the self-assessment tests were positively useful and helped to understand new materials.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Marina Lepp
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