Creating a Web Application for Challenge on Informatics Kobras

Mattias Sokk
Informatics and computer skills are increasingly needed in today's society. In Estonia since 2006, a challenge on informatics called "Kobras" is held annually. The mission of Kobras is to introduce and promote informatics among pupils. The challenge is held in two languages and each set needs approximately 90 different questions to be composed for each year. Pupils and teachers could use the previous questions more often after the challenge, but there is no way to filter the questions and solve them interactively on the current website. This thesis describes a technical solution that was implemented to overcome these problems. The solution uses continuous integration and delivery capabilities to create a static web application that allows users to filter data and solve previous questions. The author of this thesis hopes that interesting informatics questions will reach more young people, and their interest and knowledge towards informatics will increase.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Lidia Feklistova
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