RematoAR – An Augmented Reality Assignment Aid

Ott Saar
This thesis describes the design, development and testing of RematoAR, an augmented reality application with a focus to improve the communication in the construction industry by giving the users a new form of communication. The goal of the application is to reduce the needed communication between the project manager and the worker by providing the assignment related information through virtual markers. During the thesis the main features of the application are set and the application flow with the consideration to the nature of the augmented reality applications is designed. Similar available applications are found and analysed, and the descriptions of the differences with RematoAR are given. Users are provided with tools to place basic 3D elements such as texts, polylines and 3D objects, and request the task related information afterwards using the QR codes. For remote assistance a screen sharing feature is implemented. A usability testing session with four different construction companies was made. The tests focused on the evaluation of the idea, the usability of the made solution and the ease of use. Additionally, it was found if and how the construction companies would benefit from this kind of solution in their everyday work.
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Master - Software Engineering
Ulrich Norbisrath, Ranno Käomägi
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