Analysis of the Development History of Mobile Phones from the University of Tartu Computer Museum Exhibition from Nokia to iPhone

Hergo Hansman
The purpose of this bachelor's thesis was to analyze how the development of mobile phones from Nokia to iPhone took place using the example of two large and well-known mobile phone manufacturers. As a part of the work, two posters were prepared for the University of Tartu Computer Museum exhibition, from Nokia to iPhone, showing the timeline of phones selected by the author with additional information. The work concludes that after the introduction of the iPhone, Nokia phones seemed old-fashioned. Apple phones were novel, which is why people started to be interested in them. Nokia could not learn from the success of its competitor and continued to produce phones with a clumsy user interface. The popular iPhone attracted many new developers who preferred the IOS system because it had a large community of both, the new and old developers and a better opportunity to test the program.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Alo Peets
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