Blockchain-Driven Redesign of Business Processes

Maryam Kiani Nezhad
Today, blockchain technology has become a platform that could be used to change many processes in many businesses and industries. The goal of this study is to analyze how Blockchain technology can be used to improve business processes. This thesis aims to investigate the business processes in different companies or institutions to analyze if they have been redesigned by using blockchain in the past five years (2016 to 2022) and how they were able to change. Companies are exploring the use cases of this technology in the hopes of making a profitable change in the business process. However, this technology cannot simply replace some parts of business processes because it may not have the desired result. An analysis of each process is needed to be able to improve the state of the process.
This thesis is based on a systematic literature review (SLR). The main goal of this thesis is to find and measure studies that show how blockchain has been used to improve business processes. Therefore, based on the findings, the measurement of these results was investigated.
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Master - Innovation and Technology Management
Fredrik Milani
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