The Bases for Certainty of Biometric Identification for Fingerprint and Facial Image

Mariliis Malahhov
Biometrics has become more popular in the world and many countries, including Estonia, have started using an automated biometric identification system aka ABIS. The aim of this Bachelor’s thesis was to recommend guidelines for Estonia’s ABIS so they could be taken into account when setting thresholds for the fingerprint and face recognition algorithms. An additional aim was to do an overview of how countries of the world have used biometric data and how the usage of such data is regulated by law. The paper gives an overview of the history of fingerprint and face recognition, previous fingerprint identification system, how a facial recognition system works and the methodologies of fingerprint comparison. Then a description of Estonia’s ABIS is given. An analysis of how fingerprint and face recognition have been used in different countries and how such usage is regulated in the world is given. Lastly, two reports prepared by National Institute of Standards and Technology are analysed and recommendations and observations are given for ABIS based on the results of the analysis.
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Graduation Thesis type
Bachelor - Computer Science
Angelika Kärber, Heili Orav
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