Solution for Sharing Open Data from Cumulocity Iot Platform

Märten Kahu
Cumulocity is an IoT data platform. UT Delta centre uses it to store its building automation related sensor data. Currently there isn’t an easy and convenient way to share that data to all users as a separate Cumulocity account is needed and Cumulocity admin portal is not really meant to be used by ordinary users just interested in data. The goal of this thesis is to develop a software solution that can be used to download sensor data from chosen time period, publish it locally to all system users and export it to an external data portal. In the theoretical part of the thesis an overview is given of the Cumulocity platform, its API and Cumulocity data model of UT Delta centre. Overviews about the architecture, technological choices and the solution itself are also given.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Pelle Jakovits
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