Adding eMRTD Authentication Support to the Web eID Project

Silver Maala
In 2021 Estonia started issuing ID cards that contain the Electronic Machine Readable Travel Document (eMRTD) applet. This paper aims to improve the Web eID project by adding support for eMRTD authentication. The eMRTD applet stores the document owner's biometric and personal information and the data stored on the applet can be cryptographically verified. The authentication method proposed in this paper would enable a web application to authenticate the user over the web using the eMRTD applet. The eMRTD authentication method proposed in this thesis has the benefit of not needing the user to enter a PIN. In this paper we give an overview of eMRTD, its files and security features and introduce the Web eID project. The outcome of this paper are forks of the Web eID projects that support authenticating using eMRTD.
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Master - Computer Science
Arnis Paršovs
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