Implementing SCOR Model and BPM Techniques to Improve B2B E-commerce KPIs

Siritorn Ploychareon
A last-mile delivery company faces a challenge in meeting the KPIs standard a B2B e-commerce company requires. The thesis explores possible solutions to improve performance by initially analyzing the B2B e-commerce delivery supply chain using the SCOR model. The analysis provides a strategic overview of how significant stakeholders are connected and what major processes are interrelated. After that, the author analyzed company KPIs and matched them with third-level SCOR KPIs, process elements, and best practices. On the operational level, the thesis additionally explains top processes, package status flow, and process models related to the weakest KPI according to the Business Process Management approach. After using Bayesian Belief Network (BBN), fishbone diagram, and waste analysis techniques in the process analysis stage, the thesis proposes SCOR best practices and redesigning changes to the company to achieve better performance.
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Master - Innovation and Technology Management
Eduard Ševtšenko
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