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ROS driver for panda
Organisatsiooni nimiAutonomous Driving Lab
Kokkuvõ produces a cheap adapter named panda for communicating with car CAN bus. It connects to the computer over USB and allows reading and sending vehicle CAN bus messages. These messages can be used on newer cars to control the steering and speed of the car. Analogous drive-by-wire modules from commercial providers cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. panda offers an opportunity to reduce the cost of a drive-by-module to mere thousand dollars.

Your task in this project is to implement AutonomouStuff SSC-compatible ROS driver for panda. In particular implement support for all automotive platform messages. Existing code in Openpilot might come handy.
Lõputöö kaitsmise aasta2020-2021
JuhendajaTambet Matiisen
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Tase Magister
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Nimi Tambet Matiisen
Tel 5286457
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