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Master, Bachelor (11)
Software engineering Web eID authentication extension for biometric passports / ID cards 2021-2022 Details
Image processing, machine learning Looking through the Estonian ID card PIN security envelopes 2021-2022 Details
Cybersecurity Security analysis of the state-approved secure smartphone 2021-2022 Details
Wireless technologies NFC communication over extended distances 2021-2022 Details
Cybersecurity State-imposed website blocking in Estonia 2021-2022 Details
Cybersecurity Radio transmission used by smart water meters in Tartu 2023-2024 Details
Cybersecurity Security architecture of country X's eID solution Y 2023-2024 Details
Cybercrime Dark web market of compromised Estonian machines 2023-2024 Details
Cybersecurity Framework for auditing election results produced by the Estonian i-voting system 2023-2024 Details
Cybersecurity Reproducing iOS Vote Verification App Builds for Estonian I-Voting System 2023-2024 Details
Software engineering, AI Extracting features from facial images using AI 2023-2024 Details
Other (27)
Cybersecurity [TAKEN]Security of RFID/NFC door access cards[/TAKEN] 2019-2020 Details
Cybersecurity [TAKEN]Web tracking in Estonian news portals[/TAKEN] 2019-2020 Details
Cybersecurity Security of Estonian ID card software distribution and update mechanisms 2019-2020 Details
Cybersecurity Smart-ID resistance to phishing attacks 2019-2020 Details
Cybersecurity [TAKEN]Mobile-ID protocol between SIM card and mobile phone[/TAKEN] 2019-2020 Details
Software engineering [TAKEN]Web browser plugin to digitally sign files[/TAKEN] 2019-2020 Details
Cybersecurity Security of Estonian ID card authentication implementations 2019-2020 Details
Cybersecurity Abuse potential of Estonian eID authentication 2019-2020 Details
Data analysis Analysis of RSA Public Keys Used in the Mobile-ID Solution 2020-2021 Details
Cybersecurity WiFi Positioning System 2020-2021 Details
Cybersecurity Digital tachographs and their security risks 2020-2021 Details
Cybersecurity Reverse engineering user authentication in TransbaseCD RDBMS 2020-2021 Details
Privacy Tracking personal data usage in Estonian information systems 2020-2021 Details
Cybersecurity Assessing security of wireless keyboard protocols 2019-2020 Details
Cybersecurity Wireless radio protocol reverse engineering 2019-2020 Details
Cybersecurity Implementing Kr00k and KRACK wireless network attacks 2019-2020 Details
Cybersecurity Android malware for interaction with Mobile-ID 2019-2020 Details
Cybersecurity Security of Smart-ID biometric identification solution 2019-2020 Details
Cybersecurity Trustworthy signing time for the Estonian digital signature 2019-2020 Details
Cybersecurity Estonian ID card software vulnerability study 2019-2020 Details
Cybersecurity Rogue Mobile Phone Base Station 2020-2021 Details
Cybersecurity Improving Estonian ID card encryption scheme 2018-2019 Details
Cybersecurity [TAKEN]Using contactless chip of Estonian ID card for door access control[/TAKEN] 2018-2019 Details
Cybersecurity [TAKEN]Security analysis of Tartu Smart Bike share system[/TAKEN] 2018-2019 Details
Cybersecurity [TAKEN]Security analysis of Smart-ID application[/TAKEN] 2018-2019 Details
eID,data science [TAKEN]Analysis of digital signature file formats used in Estonia[/TAKEN] 2018-2019 Details
Cybersecurity Digital signature validation according to eIDAS legal requirements 2019-2020 Details