UT Institute of Computer Science Graduation Theses Topics Registry

Note: The following list only informs about theses topics offered. If you are interested in a topic (not yet selected by a student), please contact the person who offered the topic to discuss prerequisites and further requirements that need to be fulfilled. Only after mutual agreement between you and the supervisor has been reached, you can actually select the topic for your Bachelor or Master theses.

Year: 2017 2016 2015 ALL
Keywords such as: #analysis #smartphone_application
Organization Topic Period Application email
Master, Bachelor (1)
TÜ haridustehnoloogia keskusÕpianalüütika haridustehnoloogias2017leo.siiman@ut.eeDetails
Master (1)
Coding and Information TransmissionContext-based recompression of JPEG coded images2017vitaly.skachek@ut.ee AdDetails
Bachelor (2)
Estonian Literary MuseumKultuuriloolise veebi Kreutzwaldi sajand olemasoleva: andmebaasi modelleerimine, süsteemi ja kasutusjuhtude analüüs2017marlon.dumas@ut.eeDetails
Arvutiteaduse Instituut, Tartu ÜlikoolCritical Analysis of Computer Benchmarks2017benson.muite@ut.eeDetails